Something About Love (Available on iTunes)

by Kenton Chen



released February 13, 2010



all rights reserved


Kenton Chen Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Elena
Wide awake and I can’t drift myself to sleep
(I) feel like my heart’s bout to leap
Back and forth scenarios play in my head
And not a one puts me to bed
I am so scared of what might happen, is that hard to understand
With a love that can burn to embers and friendship that’s at hand, please

Give me time, Elena
Give me time, Elena
Give me time, Elena
Give me time

You can say that you don’t mind it either way,
But still there is a price to pay
I’ve much to gain but I’ve got everything to lose,
If you can’t figure out my clues
Can we pretend like nothing happened, make it easier to live
All these walls that I put around me look like they’re about to give, but

I could dream, but what my heart sees seems so out of reach
Knowing you there’s so much I cannot teach
At this point I cannot deal, with goals to reach and wounds to heal
Trust me when I say I do, I want to share my life with you, just
Track Name: You're Not Here
I’m sick of singing love songs I don’t believe
I’m sick of chasing after what I can’t achieve
I’m sick of hearing visions and seeing sounds
When it’s clear, you’re not here

I’m sick of waking up to myself in bed
And lying wide awake with you in my head
I’m sick of taking you for the things you’ve said
When it’s clear, you’re not here

I broke my heart, piece by piece
And offered it to you on my knees
I gave it all
To fly if just to fall
(And when I hit the ground
You were nowhere to be found)

I’m sick cooking meals just to eat alone
And racing every time that I hear the phone
I’m sick of feeling lost even when I’m home
When it’s clear you’re not here

Wash the sheets
Cleanse myself
I am beat
I accept, I have failed
All my dreams of no avail